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Cookies policy

How Puntualos uses cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text that websites send to the borwser and allows to the website to store information about your visit, like languaje and other options. Cookies have a very important role in the browsing experience, because without them the experience would be lees attractive.

Types of cookies:

Depending on the entity that manages:

Own cookies: There are the ones that are sent to the users browser from a domain managed by the website that you are browsing.

Third part cookies: There are the ones that are sent to the browser from a different domain.

Cookies used by Puntualos

Own cookies:

AceptaCookies: Used to store the information about the cookies policy alert.

Third part cookies:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an analytic tool that helps to the websites to understand how their visitors behave. More information about the cookies of ogle Analytics and privacy information

How can I disable cookies?

Most browser allow to configure your browser to allow cookies, to provide a notification anytime it receives a new cookie and to deny all cookies. To control how your browser behaves, you can configure your browser.

In case you disable cookies, your browsing experience in our website can be less

In the following link you can get more information about the main browsers:

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