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User Name Mahmood
Ratings given 15
Member since: 08/05/2013

15 Ratings

Really bad website selling old databases that is useless

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 31-03-2015 14:29

The website says they sell opdated company information but the data is outdated and many of the data is not even correct. When you complain they do not answer.

Great website about Cuba

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-03-2015 20:13

Guide to Cuba, hotel booking, Private homes, Car rent, facts about Cuba and much more.

Great Software for Pharmacies

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-03-2015 18:51

The Software Farmasolution is a great product that is a full integrated solution and the service are really good. Great support and response time from them.

Bad service and delayed

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 12-05-2014 17:14

The airline has very old planes and not recommended for long flights. Also delayed both ways and without any explanations!

Doctors are really good

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-09-2013 18:31

The Doctors are really good but waiting time can be a bit to long. Also some of the receptionist are not always kind and serviceminded

Real estate

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 13-09-2013 17:45

Real estate

A bit expensiv

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 28-08-2013 19:15

Worten has a lot of electronics but the prices are too high.

Very good place to eat

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 28-08-2013 18:50

A very nice place that is always very busy. The food is good and this is one of the better restuarants in Fuengirola

Very good low budget flights

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 11-06-2013 15:18

Very good for the price. They have new planes and better space then most other low budget flights. They also have free WIFI but it works really bad. When 300 people try to connect to a 3mb WIFI line nothing works! They should also offer a WIFI solution that has fee but works!

Nice low budget flights

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 11-06-2013 15:13

They have great prices and a good service. The only complain is the space between the seats. There is really not much space and the travling can be hard if the seats are full booked.

A good Bank

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-05-2013 14:32

Changed to Santander from BBVA and can recommed them. They have a good service and the staff in their Fungirola department are very helpful

too high fees on all services

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-05-2013 13:32

Can not recommend this bank

Professional and reliable Real Estate

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 17-05-2013 13:12

A really great Real Estate company. They are very professional and reliable. They know the market very well in Cost del Sol and always ensure the right advice. I am very satisfied with their service and can highly recommend them.

Very bad service

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 14-05-2013 13:39

Jazztel is the worst Phone company in Spain, they promiss a lot but can not deliver. Keep calling your number even if you have told them that you do not want to do business with them. Also they call you with an answering machine with an automated voice!! I can not reccomend them very poor and bad service and impossible to cancel your subscription with them!

Really good site

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 13-05-2013 16:47

Always good experiance when I buy from Amazon. Good support and service.

Perfect site for Freelance consultants

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 10-05-2013 19:03

Very good site for Freelance consultants and companies that wants to publish projects. The staff is fantastic. Very good support and fast reply. A website I can really recommend!

Very good and professional service

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar 10-05-2013 17:03

A professional company with a very high service and competitive prices. Highly recommended